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CVap Technology 3D Animation

CVap Technology 3D Animation How does CVap® work? See a CVap® cook and hold oven in action. Check out this 3D animation of how CVap® uses controlled vapor technology to cook food using heated air and heated controlled vapor. This same technology works in our holding cabinets, holding drawers and retherm ovens as well.

achieve high precision with a food probe

CVap® Probe Cooking

CVap ovens are very precise. Add an optional cooking probe, and achieve an even greater level of precision. Probes are available on Series 7 CHV and RTV ovens. This video provides great info on the use of probes in CVap equipment. View all Videos


Collectramatic® Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith

Collectramatic Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith Bret Smith, Chef and partner with Goodbird Kitchen and Post Brewing Company says Winston’s Collectramatic Fryers are a perfect fit for his operations. He appreciates the consistency the fryers achieve. Above all, he likes the support Winston provides. View All Videos

Scott Rodriguez, Senior VP of Culinary & Kitchen

CVap Helps BJ’s Maximize Efficiency and Consistency BJ’s former VP of Culinary and Kitchen Innovation Scott Rodriguez had much to say about Winston’s CVap Cook and Hold Ovens. They helped BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse boost their stores’ efficiency and consistency and kept their customers happy. Subsequently, slow roasting in CVap ovens have made that category BJ’s customer favorite. VIEW ALL VIDEOS

Mark Wahlberg

Chef Paul Wahlberg on How CVap® Benefits Wahlburgers

Chef Paul Wahlberg on How CVap Benefits Wahlburgers Chef Paul Wahlberg (one of the stars of the A&E hit show “Wahlburgers”) paid a visit to our Louisville headquarters. Watch as he talks about CVap technology, how it’s helped to change the way Wahlburgers operates, and the benefits of CVap® Staging. VIEW ALL VIDEOS

Tammy Posey likes her CVap cook and hold

Tammy Posey is a CVap® Fan!

Tammy Posey is a CVap Cook and Hold Oven Fan! Tammy Posey, Cafeteria Manager for Lewis County Schools in Weston, West Virginia, is a fan of her CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens. She puts it best, “…If you don’t have one, get one!“ View all Videos

sous vide cvap

CVap Staging is Sous Vide Re-Engineered

The Precision of Sous Vide Without the Bags! Find out how staging can give you the same results as sous vide, without the hassle! Sous vide cooking is great, but it has its drawbacks. Watch the video to get a detailed explanation of sous vide and CVap. Subtitled Videos English Spanish (Español)S View All Videos

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