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CVap® Cooking and Holding Processes

What can you do in a CVap®? Learn about ALL of the cooking and holding processes CVap® covers the spectrum for in today’s commercial kitchens.

CVap® Cooking and Holding Processes run the gamut of what’s possible. Click on each icon below to read more.

Probe Cooking

Probe cooking eliminates guesswork and simplifies the cooking process.


CVap® Staging Is Sous Vide Re-Engineered.

Overnight Cooking

CVap® really is your extra hand in the kitchen.


Ideal where speed and food quality are priorities.


CVap® ovens are da’ bomb at braising.


CVap® ovens can be utilized as giant steamers.


CVap® technology’s precision makes it ideal for proofing.

Automatic Hold

Say goodbye to babysitting ovens to prevent overcooking.

Sous Vide

CVap ovens offer all the advantages and precision of sous vide.


CVap ovens are ideal for baking many different breads and pastries.


Heated, precisely controlled water vapor takes the place of the poaching bath.


The use of moisture in stewing makes CVap ovens perfect for the job.


Did you know your CVap oven could double as a smoker?


You can cook, and hold, in the same footprint!