Near the conclusion of Disney’s 1992 classic Aladdin, the genie (voiced by the late, great Robin Williams) sums up the jinn condition by saying, Phenomenal cosmic powers … Itty bitty living space! One could paraphrase that quote to describe CVap® ovens: Phenomenal cooking power…itty bitty floor space! (Yeah, we know it’s a stretch, but bear with us.) CVap offers versatility and precision in a smaller footprint.

It’s no secret that space is at a premium in commercial kitchens. Clearly, the challenge is to provide the necessary equipment for the staff to do their job while maintaining the kitchen’s efficient flow. Critically, if your equipment requires a vent hood, that puts additional limits on placement and adds significant investment costs to the kitchen. To operate at peak efficiency, you need to be able to accomplish multiple processes with a single piece of equipment. Bonus points if it doesn’t need a hood. Ultimately, you need to cram as much power and versatility as possible into a smaller footprint.

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CVap Ovens Are The Solution

CVap ovens are a perfect solution and add a major punch to a wide variety of cooking applications. Certainly, CVap Cook and Hold Ovens, and Retherm Ovens are flexible enough to handle a wide range of cooking processes, including cooking, steaming, baking, retherming, holding, sous vide, and more in a single smaller footprint.

Available in a range of sizes, CVap ovens require approximately four to six square feet of floor space. Certainly, within that small space, CVap ovens provide capacities ranging from four to fourteen sheet pans. Indeed, the enormous cooking capacity is a game-changer. For example, if your operation does sous vide cooking, you’d need an unwieldy number of immersion circulators to match the ability of a single CVap oven. Because CVap uses controlled vapor as a cooking medium, it enables you to reach sous vide precision and consistency, with or without bags. Eliminating bags saves on the cost of bags and labor, not to mention the expense of the HACCP plan often required for bagged cooking.

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Save Labor and Space

After a cooking cycle completes, CVap ovens have the option to transition to a hold mode automatically. Consequently, this frees staff from having to move food from the oven to a separate holding cabinet. Certainly, CVap keeps food hot and just-cooked fresh for an extended period, without overcooking.

Unlike some competitors, CVap ovens don’t require vent hoods* and don’t need to be plumbed to drains. Indeed, this gives you the flexibility to put them anywhere there is sufficient space and electrical power.

Put all that power and versatility in minimal space. It isn’t magic. It’s CVap.

*See EPA Ventless Approval and check your local requirements.