What is CVap®- Precise Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The most precise commercial kitchen equipment.
Learn how it can benefit your operation.


Superior Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Looking for superior commercial kitchen equipment? You’ve come to the right place. Winston’s products perform like an extra hand in your kitchen, consequently saving you time and money.

A Legacy of Focusing on Your Needs

Winston Foodservice has been building the most precise and versatile equipment on the market for over five decades. Most importantly, we focus on creating products that help your operation be more productive, efficient, and resilient.

Repeatable, Reliable, Results

We build the tools you need to provide consistent quality and great service, meal after meal. Our CVap® (Controlled Vapor Technology) cabinets and ovens, and Collectramatic® fryers are rugged and reliable. Above all, you’ll get reliable, repeatable results.

CVap Collectramatic commercial kitchen equipment
CVap ovens - commercial kitchen equipment

CVap® Holding and Cooking Equipment is Versatile

You can bake, roast, steam, sous vide, hold, stage, proof…all in the same unit. In other words, CVap equipment is great at multi-tasking.

How is CVap Different?

CVap rewrote the rules of food quality because Controlled water vapor makes it different. Most commercial kitchen equipment uses hot air to cook or hold food. Some brands even add humidity to indirectly heat food. However, only CVap uses water vapor to precisely control food temperature. Secondly, it also uses air heat to control food’s surface texture. Together, this makes CVap’s dual heat system an unbeatable combo.

No, We Didn't Say Combi

We’re not nearly as expensive as a combi oven. CVap ovens don’t have the high sticker price, chemical requirements, or expensive maintenance that come with combis. In short, no other technology even comes close.

Configurations to Suit Every Need

There’s a size and configuration to fit every need. For instance, CVap is available in Cook and Hold OvensRetherm OvensHolding Cabinets, and Hold & Serve Drawers and Holding Bins. Above all, CVap products don’t require vent hoods!

More Productivity for Less

Collectramatic® Fryers are designed to cook from four to six heads of chicken at a time, while using less electricity and requiring less filtering. In other words, you can produce more while spending less.

Time-Tested Design

Collectramatic got its start over 50 years ago as the fryer of choice for restaurant chains and independent operators. Its revolutionary gravity filtration collector helped extend shortening life and reduce filtration downtime. Meanwhile, our fryers continue to be the workhorse in the commercial kitchen, providing trouble-free performance and consistent results, year after year.

If It's Fried, We Make It Fantastic

Collectramatic fryers are perfect for chicken, fish, rings, fries, or any other fried food favorites. We offer both pressure fryer and open fryer configurations, so there’s a model to fit every menu. In addition, include a Winston Shortening Filter in your lineup and your commercial kitchen will be ready to rock!

Collectramatic Pressure Fryers
CVap Flip Door Cabinets - commercial kitchen equipment

CVap Flip Door Holding Cabinet

The CVap Flip-Door Holding Cabinet is the latest addition to our product line. It has several innovations that enhance functionality. For instance, large windows show inventory at a glance, but flip up out of the way for easy access. 

In addition, patent-pending hinges hold the window panels securely in place when flipped up, so that food can be easily tonged. To sum up, these cabinets are a perfect addition to any busy commercial kitchen.

Not all cook and hold ovens are equal. Let’s examine the differences in equipment and discover which cook and hold ovens are suitable for your kitchen.

In one form or another, ovens have been around since prehistoric times. Not long after learning to control fire, our ancient ancestors figured out that encompassing fire or embers within a vessel or enclosure produced even better results when preparing food.