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CVap® Technology Explained

Food is water. Every food contains water. Up to 90% of foods’ mass is water. In order to control the elements of food quality – temperature and texture – you must control the foods’ integral water.

CVap Technology controls food’s water with water. All CVap equipment has a large water reservoir, or evaporator, in their base. By precisely controlling the temperature of that reservoir, we could also precisely control the temperature of food. It’s one of the Laws of Thermodynamics. Heat seeks out cool, to equalize. In a CVap cabinet, heated water vapor is attracted to the cooler food (or rather, the food’s cooler moisture). Vapor heat will continue to be drawn to the food until it reaches thermal equilibrium.

You might expect this to result in soggy food, but that’s not the case. CVap technology also utilizes a second heat source – dry air. By controlling this blend of moist and dry air, CVap equipment delivers temperature and texture control that’s simply unmatched by any other brand.

Precise Control

CVap® equipment also has an air heater that controls the amount of moisture that is evaporated from food, thereby controlling food surface texture and yield. The higher the air temperature is set over the evaporator temperature (which controls food temperature), the drier the heat, and the greater the amount of food moisture evaporation. Having this kind of large “differential” of air heat over water heat keeps food crisp. If the air temperature is increased a small amount over the evaporator temperature, then very little evaporation occurs, resulting in a wetter environment – ideal for moister foods.

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