5 Reasons Maintenance is Important

5 Reasons Why Equipment Maintenance is Important

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment. Regular maintenance protects that investment. Winston’s CVap® and Collectramatic® products are no exception. Consequently, they must be maintained to keep them functioning properly. What do we mean by regular maintenance? This means commonsense everyday cleaning. Removing food and chemical residue reduces contamination risks. Draining and cleaning also inhibit …

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Collectramatic® Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith

Collectramatic Fryer Testimonial: Chef Bret Smith Bret Smith, Chef and partner with Goodbird Kitchen and Post Brewing Company says Winston’s Collectramatic Fryers are a perfect fit for his operations. He appreciates the consistency the fryers achieve. Above all, he likes the support Winston provides. View All Videos

Evolution of Chicken

Chicken Evolution

Chicken has Evolved To say chickens have changed is an understatement. Compared to the poultry of 1950, today’s chicken is a mutant. Selective breeding and changes in feed and farming techniques have resulted in poultry that reaches market weight almost twice as fast. But until recently, the fryers cooking them have remained the same. Most …

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Chef Eric Wupperman

Chef Eric Wupperman Testimonial

Chef Eric Wupperman Testimonial Chef Eric Wupperman, chef and owner of Treeline Kitchen in Leadville, Colorado and partner in Yellowbelly Chicken  shares his thoughts on Winston Foodservice, its people, and its products. His operations use Collectramatic® Pressure Fryers, Winston shortening filters, CVap® Holding Cabinets, and CVap Cook and Hold Ovens. View All Videos

Pressure Frying

Pressure Frying 101

Pressure Frying 101 from Winston Foodservice How do fast food restaurants fry chicken so quickly? They do it under pressure! And no pressure fryer is better than Collectramatic® – a workhorse designed for a fried chicken legend. Watch this pressure frying 101 video! No matter what language you speak, fried chicken is delicious. Here’s the …

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