Stage and Fry Chicken

CVap® ovens are well known for their ability to stage. In case you’re not familiar, staging involves cooking foods to a temperature that’s at (or just below) their ideal doneness temperature. Winston CVap ovens excel at staging. CVap technology allows the user to precisely control food temperature, so food doesn’t continue to cook (or overcook) …

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Ten Facts about Commercial Pressure Fryers

Commercial pressure fryers have been around for decades. Colonel Harland Sanders was the catalyst behind the development of commercial pressure fryers. Among his favorite cookers was the Collectramatic®, designed by Winston’s founder, Winston Shelton. Shelton perfected the early fryer designs of the 60s, creating the fryer that the Colonel preferred. Over 50 years later, the Collectramatic brand is still …

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chicken recipes

Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment Needed for Chicken Recipes

Chicken is a ubiquitous protein. The average American consumes over 100 pounds annually. In an increasingly health-conscious world, chicken is considered healthier than most red meat. If you’re a foodservice operator (or planning to be), you should consider expanding chicken options on your menu. Chicken is nutrient-dense, relatively inexpensive (at the moment), and can be …

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fried turkey with pecan honey glaze

Deep Fried Turkey

I have wanted to deep fry a turkey since I took on the role of Corporate Research Chef here at Winston. You see, Winston was built on pressure fryers. For example, the company’s first product was the Collectramatic® Fryer, designed for Colonel Sanders himself. I’m happy to have had the experience! Cooking a turkey is …

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5 Reasons Maintenance is Important

5 Reasons Why Equipment Maintenance is Important

Commercial kitchen equipment is a big investment. Regular maintenance protects that investment. Winston’s CVap® and Collectramatic® products are no exception. Consequently, they must be maintained to keep them functioning properly. What do we mean by regular maintenance? This means commonsense everyday cleaning. Removing food and chemical residue reduces contamination risks. Draining and cleaning also inhibit …

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