Richard Walsh is a fan of the Collectramatic Pressure Fryer

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Richard Walsh

Collectramatic Testimonial: Richard Walsh Richard Walsh of Aarsand Management explains why he loves our Collectramatic Pressure Fryer, which he’s been working with for over 30 years. What’s his favorite thing about Collectramatic cookers? They’re easy to keep clean! View all Videos

Kevin Schlutz is a Collectramatic Fryers fan

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Kevin Schlutz

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Kevin Schlutz Kevin Schlutz, with Central Iowa KFC Inc, explains the benefits of Collectramatic Fryers. His company has been using them for over 45 years! He’s happy to say that his stores are now 100 percent Collectramatic. “…we continue to use them, they just last forever,” he said. View all Videos

Dana Pennell is a fan of Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell Dana Pennell of Dana Enterprises in Ohio decided to switch to Collectramatic Fryers after looking at the high costs of parts and labor for other fryers. Check out his testimonial! View all Videos

Bryant Davis loves Collectramatic Fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Bryant Davis

Collectramatic Testimonial: Bryant Davis Bryant Davis, Director of Operations with KFC in Ohio, loves the durability and reliability of Collectramatic Fryers! He believes the quality of the chicken cooked in Collectramatic Fryers is what the Colonel would serve! View all Videos

chicken noodle soup stewing

Kickin’ Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bowl Full of Delicious!

There’s something deeply satisfying about chicken noodle soup. It resonates with most people. It’s good for the body. Soothing for the soul. It transports you to a nostalgic happy place from your childhood. Chicken soup is transcendental. It can also be an eloquent expression of different techniques. We utilized both CVap® and Collectramatic® equipment to …

Kickin’ Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bowl Full of Delicious! Read More »

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