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CVap Accessories

What’s the difference between options and accessories?

Options are extra features installed at our factory. They should be selected during your order placement. Some options (such as hinging) do not involve an upcharge. But others require an additional charge. 

Accessories may be ordered with your equipment, or after the fact. Most importantly, they can be installed in the field, often without a service call.

Winston’s CVap ovens and holding cabinets bring precision and reliability to your kitchen. Make the most of your equipment investment with genuine OEM Winston accessories.

use genuine winston accessories
  • Drain Accessories
  • Drawer Bottoms
  • Filters
  • Leg & Shelf Kits
  • Probes
  • Racks & Rails
  • Smoker Box
  • Top Extensions

stacked pair drain kit accessoriesThese accessories make it easy to safely and neatly drain your CVap equipment.

See Drain Accessories

ps2212 drawer bottom dIncludes perforated drawer bottoms.

See Drawer Bottoms

ps2429 external water filter accessoriesProtect your investment with certified water filters to minimize scale buildup in your CVap equipment.
See External Water Filters

oven on leg and shelf kitRaise your half-size CVap unit to a more comfortable level with a leg & shelf kit. It also provides extra storage space beneath the unit.
See Leg & Shelf Kits

ac1002 food temp probeEnhance the precision of your CVap equipment with a food temperature probe. Available for all Series 7 models.
See Food Temperature Probes

ps2206 wire racksWinston offers the exact racks and rails you need to make the most of your CVap ovens and cabinets.
See Racks & Rails

ps3145 smoker boxTurn your CVap oven into an old-school smoker with a Winston Smoker Box.
See Winston Smoker Box

AC1006 top extension accessoriesImprove the aesthetics of your front line with a top extension. Engineered to match the sight line of popular refrigeration units.
See Top Extension Kits