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CVap Equipment Differences

Compare the CVap equipment differences below. The newest generation of CVap builds on the rock-solid reputation of CVap technology. Since the 1980s, CVap has been giving unrivaled control over food quality. Our CVap equipment is available in several different feature levels. 

CVap® Series 3

CVap® Series 3 is CVap, simplified. Series 3 feature simple controls, are easy to use and come at an easy price. Series 3 holding cabinets include:

  • Simplified Membrane controls
  • Convection fan
CVap® Series 5

CVap® Series 5 delivers serious performance. Available in holding cabinets, cook & hold ovens, and retherm ovens, the Series 5 brings fantastic features, including:

  • Capacitive Touch Controls
  • 8 Adjustable Preset Channels
  • Audio Port
  • HACCP Data Download
  • Convection Fan
  • CVap Programming online app (shareable via email or USB drive)
CVap® Series 7

CVap® Series 7 is our top of the line. Built with brains and brawn, Series 7 is available in holding cabinets, cook & hold ovens, and retherm ovens. Series 7 will be the rock star in any commercial kitchen, and includes:

  • Capacitive Touch Controls
  • 8 Adjustable Preset Channels
  • Audio Port
  • HACCP Data Download
  • Switchable On/Off Convection Fan
  • CVap Wireless Programming (via Android App)
  • CVap Programming online app (shareable via email or USB drive)
  • Food-Probe Ready

There’s a size and configuration to fit every need.

CVap technology is available in cook & hold ovens, retherm ovens, holding cabinets, and hold & serve drawers.

CVap® Retherm Ovens

This oven lets you retherm foods fast, moving swiftly through the danger zone without the drying seen in conventional ovens. CVap® Retherm Ovens bake, roast, steam, sous vide, proof, and everything in between. You’ll love the speed and versatility. There’s no sacrificing speed for precision. You can also go low and slow, for high yields and amazing precision. CVap Ovens don’t need calibration, and don’t require the chemicals and hassle that come with combi ovens. Because it’s a CVap oven, no hood or floor drain is required. It rivals all the functionality of a combi-oven without the expense and frequent maintenance. You can quickly heat or bake a variety of foods to feed any size crowd.

CVap® Cook & Hold Ovens

Imagine cooking your food and having it automatically be held at perfect doneness, never needing to transfer pans or worry about overcooking. Use our advanced staging process to cook-to-order in a third of the time. Safe, consistent results, time after time.

CVap Equipment Differences

cook and hold oven
CVap® Holding Cabinets

In a perfect world, every meal is cooked fresh to order. The reality of foodservice is that food often must be held before it’s served. But holding  food doesn’t mean it can’t be fresh. Food held in CVap® Cabinets maintains just-cooked freshness, temperature, and texture for extended time periods. You can prepare well ahead of the rush, and keep serving through peak periods, delivering a one-two punch to labor and food costs. It’s fresh food, without sacrifice.

CVap® Hold & Serve Drawers

CVap® Hold & Serve Drawers are perfect for serving hot food fast. They recover temp quickly, even with frequent openings – so food remains reliably hot. CVap Drawers are perfect for concessions, food trucks, or any operation where space is tight, traffic is high, and food’s gotta be fresh.

cvap warming drawers
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