Every Student Deserves Good Nutrition

Beaumont ISD kitchen crew provides great nutrition

Proper nutrition is critically important. After all, nutrition affects both physical and mental development. However, food insecurity endangers many students. As a result, the sole reliable food source for many is at school. For example, in a recent press releaseThe Education Trust stated:
Decades of research and data point to school nutrition programs as critical to help children reach their full academic potential. Adequate school nutrition is linked to improved literacy and math scores, improved cognitive function, reduced absenteeism, and long-term positive educational outcomes.

Winston supports students. For example, we’ve partnered with the School Nutrition Foundation. Certainly, the majority of our support is in the form of the Winston Equipment Grant.

The Winston Equipment Grant

In fact, every year Winston donates up to $100,000 in CVap equipment to a deserving school district. Naturally, to be above board, Winston doesn’t select the recipient. Accordingly, the SNF vets applications. Ultimately, SNF chooses the grant recipient.

Beaumont Independent School District in Beaumont, Texas received the 2020 grant. Tiffany Eckenrod, Beaumont’s Director of Child Nutrition, submitted a powerful video detailing her team’s challenges. In fact, the grant replaced broken or obsolete equipment. As a result, the quality and quantity of food in Beaumont have improved.

Take a look at some other schools that received the grant. After all, it’s our honor to be active proponents of student nutrition.

Winston Industries Announces the Transition of CEO Responsibilities

CEO Transition

Shaun Tanner Promoted to President and CEO

Louisville, KY – Winston Industries selected Shaun Tanner to serve as President and CEO, effective July 1, 2020. Shaun is an 18-year veteran of the company. Earlier, he served as the Chief Sales Officer, overseeing two of Winston’s three divisions.

Valerie Shelton Retires

Tanner succeeds Valerie Shelton. Shelton announced her retirement in mid-2020. She served 11 years as CEO.

During her tenure, Valerie diversified the company into three divisions. Notably, she spearheaded the creation of the Win2uit Electronics Division and the Winston Contract Manufacturing Division.

CEO Shaun Tanner

2020 and Beyond

Winston Industries celebrated 50 years since its founding in 2019. Celebrations were dampened by the death of company founder Winston L. Shelton in April. Notably, he gained industry recognition by developing new technologies. His discoveries are embodied by the company’s Collectramatic® and CVap® product lines. 

Shaun Tanner is the first CEO in the company’s history that isn’t a member of the Shelton family.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the legacy we are leaving behind, and the leaders that will move this company to the next level. We have enjoyed so many challenging, yet fruitful years, and are delighted to leave the company in such capable hands.” – Valerie Shelton

Tanner has performed a myriad of roles at Winston. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University and chef by trade, he held sales positions within domestic and international teams, and oversaw the support of one of their largest customers, YUM! Brands. Tanner was elected to Winston’s Board of Directors in 2015, and soon after was promoted to General Manager of the Foodservice Division.

“Winston is such a unique company, not just by our products, but in our DNA. Our culture is contagious, as we push it beyond just the office professionals, integrating it into every job function throughout the organization. We have an amazing team here at Winston, passionate and willing to help beyond their daily responsibilities. Val has done an amazing job of reshaping our company and preparing it for the next level of steady growth in the future. While there is certainly still work to be done, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to take over for her now, while the company is primed to do great things.” – Shaun Tanner

Winston Pays It Forward with The Winston Equipment Grant

Winston Foodservice Pays Forward
We believe in paying it forward. That’s why we partnered with the School Nutrition Foundation to underwrite Winston Equipment Grant. For over a decade, Winston has made an annual grant of up to ten pieces of CVap® equipment to a deserving school system. Depending on which ten pieces are selected, the value of the grant can exceed $100,000. Watch to see a few of the recent recipients.

Winston Foodservice Annual Equipment Grant

2019 recipient of the Winston Foodservice Annual Equipment Grant

Winston Partners with SNF for Annual Grant

Winston Foodservice is proud to partner with the School Nutrition Foundation to donate ten pieces of CVap equipment (valued at approximately $100,000) to a deserving school system.

Although Winston underwrites the grant, we aren’t part of the selection process. Our SNF partners choose from the applicants. It’s an open and unbiased process.

Watch a few of the past recipients of the Winston Foodservice Annual Equipment Grant. And watch your email for details on the next grant.