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Top 5 Warming Cabinet Dos and Don’ts in a Commercial Kitchen

Warming cabinets (a.k.a. holding cabinets, hot boxes, etc.) are the secret weapon in many commercial kitchens. They make it possible to keep prepared food at a safe and consistent temperature until it’s ready to be served. Winston’s CVap® Holding Cabinets are the most precise warming cabinets in the foodservice industry. But it’s important to remember […]

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2023 Winston SNF Equipment Grant

The 2023 Winston Equipment Grant has been Announced! Congratulations to East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Winston’s CVap® technology has been helping schools improve student nutrition since the 1980s, improving food quality and safety. Winston Foodservice is proud to partner with the School Nutrition Foundation to donate up to $100,000 in CVap equipment

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holding cabinet

How to Pick a Hot Holding Cabinet for a Commercial Kitchen

No matter what type of commercial kitchen you’re operating, there’s a holding cabinet that can benefit you. Holding cabinets are a crucial part of any kitchen that serves hot food. They save time and labor. Consequently, holding cabinets can increase your bottom line. What is a holding cabinet? Basically, holding cabinets are heated appliances designed

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events carnitas

Carnitas in CVap®

I love food, and I mean all types of food! My absolute favorite style of cuisine is Hispanic – more specifically, Mexican, with its wealth of tradition and depth of flavors. What’s not to love? I have a group of friends I meet every Sunday at our local On the Border for lunch and a

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CVap Technology 3D Animation

CVap Technology 3D Animation How does CVap® work? See a CVap® cook and hold oven in action. Check out this 3D animation of how CVap® uses controlled vapor technology to cook food using heated air and heated controlled vapor. This same technology works in our holding cabinets, holding drawers and retherm ovens as well. 

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achieve high precision with a food probe

CVap® Probe Cooking

CVap ovens are very precise. Add an optional cooking probe, and achieve an even greater level of precision. Probes are available on Series 7 CHV and RTV ovens. This video provides great info on the use of probes in CVap equipment. View all Videos

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Placing rice in CVap oven

Cooking Rice in CVap Ovens

Traditionally, rice is boiled or steamed. But cooking rice CVap ovens is very easy. CVap’s dual heat technology helps to avoid overcooking. Winston has several large chain customers who use CVap equipment to prepare and hold their rice. Rice can be held hot for up to 24 hours in CVap equipment, with no degradation in

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CVap controls make multitasking easier

Multitasking with CVap

We often brag about the versatility of CVap® equipment. But any kitchen professional will tell you that a piece of equipment that only does one thing really isn’t very useful. CVap ovens are the kings of multitasking. Sure, CVap ovens can bake and roast. But they can also braise, stage, retherm, steam, poach, and even

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