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Collectramatic fryers that were designed for a fried chicken legend hasn’t changed much over the years because it doesn’t need to. It still fries the best chicken possible, round after round, with a very low cost of maintenance. The unique design and deep cold zone collector make all-day cooking possible with very little filtration. Flavor transfer is nearly eliminated and shortening life is dramatically extended. This fryer won’t retire until you do!

Fried chicken

Winston Collectramatic Pressure Fryer: Benefits for Fried Chicken

Pressure frying takes the art of frying chicken to new heights. Combining high heat, pressure, and a seasoned coating results in chicken that is incredibly crispy on the outside and moist and flavorful on the inside. Whether you’re a fan of classic southern fried chicken or prefer a unique twist on this timeless dish, understanding

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The Best Fried Chicken

Since joining the Winston Foodservice team, I have always heard, “Collectramatic fries are the best-fried chicken.” When I started in 2002, I just thought this was a biased opinion. “Of course, you say we make the best-fried chicken because we build the best fryers!” It tasted great, but was it the best-fried chicken? A few

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