Every Student Deserves Good Nutrition

Beaumont ISD kitchen crew provides great nutrition

Proper nutrition is critically important. After all, nutrition affects both physical and mental development. However, food insecurity endangers many students. As a result, the sole reliable food source for many is at school. For example, in a recent press releaseThe Education Trust stated:
Decades of research and data point to school nutrition programs as critical to help children reach their full academic potential. Adequate school nutrition is linked to improved literacy and math scores, improved cognitive function, reduced absenteeism, and long-term positive educational outcomes.

Winston supports students. For example, we’ve partnered with the School Nutrition Foundation. Certainly, the majority of our support is in the form of the Winston Equipment Grant.

The Winston Equipment Grant

In fact, every year Winston donates up to $100,000 in CVap equipment to a deserving school district. Naturally, to be above board, Winston doesn’t select the recipient. Accordingly, the SNF vets applications. Ultimately, SNF chooses the grant recipient.

Beaumont Independent School District in Beaumont, Texas received the 2020 grant. Tiffany Eckenrod, Beaumont’s Director of Child Nutrition, submitted a powerful video detailing her team’s challenges. In fact, the grant replaced broken or obsolete equipment. As a result, the quality and quantity of food in Beaumont have improved.

Take a look at some other schools that received the grant. After all, it’s our honor to be active proponents of student nutrition.

Giving Back – Equipment Grant Recipients

CVap cabinets are great for school nutrition

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with child nutrition throughout my career. Certainly, it’s an industry filled with warm and caring people. Naturally, I am proud to be a part of this family. Consequently, I’m proud that my company, Winston Industries, underwrites the Winston Equipment Grant.

Every year through a competitive grant process at SNF, Winston gives away ten pieces of CVap equipment. Certainly, that equipment grant brings monumental changes for districts in need! I’ve worked directly with three equipment grant recipients, as well as a district in Mississippi, my home state. Surprisingly, in 2016 lightning struck again and I got my fourth winner, Hernando County Public Schools in Brooksville, Florida.

2016 equipment grant winner

Hernando County

Hernando County has about 25 schools. Food & Nutrition Services Director Lori Drenth, designated nine sites to receive the seven holding cabinets and three retherm ovens she chose. Consequently, this equipment allows her staff to do batch cooking and serve food at its highest quality. And as she said, “it’s like Christmas when a kitchen gets new equipment and it instills a sense of pride in the employees knowing their school is getting that investment.” Naturally, it gives me that same sense of pride to work with these people. Consequently, I’m proud to be with a company the gives back!

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