How Can CVap® Expand Your Menu?

Are you looking to change or expand your operation’s menu? If you have CVap technology in your kitchen, you already have a head start on your goal.

Ideally, expanding your menu won’t involve investing in new equipment. That’s why having CVap in your kitchen is such a game-changer. CVap ovens offer the versatility to accomplish a wide range of cooking processes, such as steaming, baking, holding, sous vide, staging, and more. You can find a rundown of CVap’s capabilities here.


Proteins are typically the center of the plate for most entrees. Try some of these ideas to expand your menu.

Sous Vide Chicken

Stage chicken breasts sous vide in a CVap oven. When an order comes in, toss the chicken on a grill for a quick hit on both sides. The order is out in under four minutes. This saves so much time, compared to cooking raw. Serve it as a grilled chicken entree, a chicken sandwich, or in salads…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Prime Rib

Who doesn’t love prime rib? An overnight cook yields deliciously perfect prime rib. CVap ovens achieve incredible yields. Their low, slow cooking method breaks down connective tissue within the meat. That ultimately means more servings per roast. Got leftovers? Shave it for epic Philly cheesesteaks.


Do you serve breakfast? Eggs are the ultimate protein. You can cook up a mess of righteous poached eggs in your CVap oven. A CVap oven can cook dozens and dozens of poached eggs in a single load. You can easily keep a breakfast buffet fully stocked. Poached eggs are the perfect center for great eggs benedict.


Chicken wings are crazy popular. Add wings to your menu to pop up sales. Stage the wings in the CVap, then pop them in a fryer or onto a grill when ordered. The wings will fly out of the kitchen (pun intended) in a fraction of the time it takes to cook from raw.



CVap ovens and cabinets are great proofers—proof focaccia, brioche…practically any dough. CVap is the perfect proofer. These unique cabinets can maintain a warm, slightly moist environment that helps yeast get down to the business of rising.


Expand your dessert offerings with goodies like crème brulé, flourless chocolate cake, or carrot cake. These (and lots more) bake perfectly in a CVap oven.

Something Different

Expand Your Menu

Flex your CVap oven for different purposes around the clock. Use as an oven to cook overnight, then use for holding takeaway food during the day.

Do you serve a lot of rice? You can hold rice and popular partner dishes like chicken teriyaki in the same CVap. It’s already set at the perfect holding temperature for both. One of our big chain customers uses this with excellent results.

Expand Your Menu

Is your school using a CVap Retherm Oven for school pizza? Try retherming soups, cooking vegetables, or baking tater tots. You’ll love the results.

Expand Your Menu

Dehydrate! If you’re familiar with CVap technology, you probably think it is humidified. But you can turn off the vapor heat and use air heat alone to dehydrate fruits, veggies, herbs, and even jerky. It’s a great way to introduce unusual products to your menu.

Add some healthier options to your menu by steaming in your CVap oven. Unlike typical commercial steamers, CVap ovens can low-temp steam at 200°F Vapor and 200°F Air. It’s 100 percent humidity at a gentler temperature. It’s perfect for veggies and more delicate foods like finfish and shellfish.

Versatility rules the day with CVap ovens. You can cook just about anything in them. Do you have an idea we haven’t mentioned here? Reach out to us. Our corporate chef and culinary team can advise you on the best way to accomplish it.

The Versatility of Modern Kitchen Equipment


The list of kitchen equipment offerings and technologies continues to grow. We are seeing more and more specialized equipment designed for a specific job. Whether we are baking, steaming, or braising there is a piece of equipment on the market specifically designed for that specific job.

Most kitchens are littered with several pieces of single-purpose equipment. They all have their place and purpose, but they take up a lot of space in our kitchens. This can cause unnecessary clutter and prevent us from utilizing them all properly. 

Most kitchen equipment falls into two categories: Versatile equipment or single-purpose equipment. Let’s dissect these two categories a bit further and analyze some of the equipment mentioned above.

Versatile Kitchen Equipment

Convection ovens are the go-to standard for any commercial kitchen. Establishments around the world use convection ovens because they are the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. You can utilize a convection oven from prep to finish. It is effective at both high and low temperatures, all within a small footprint. Other equipment that fits into this same category are grills, griddles, and combi ovens.

Single-Purpose Kitchen Equipment

A steamer falls into the single-purpose category. They are less versatile and capable of only one temp and one process – steaming. It is a hassle to find a place for single-purpose kitchen equipment, especially one that isn’t very versatile. Why waste the space if you are not using it around the clock? Other examples of single-use kitchen equipment include immersion circulators and low-temp roasting ovens.

kitchen equipment

What Does This Mean for You?

Consider quality, reliability, cost, and equipment life span when selecting kitchen equipment. One of the most impactful elements we are all looking for is versatility. We don’t all have the luxury of a large kitchen. Normally, the larger the kitchen footprint, the smaller the customer seating footprint, which means less potential money to be made each day.

Reduce Ticket Times and Labor

There is equipment that addresses these pain points. One that is versatile to the point of being able to poach, steam, braise, roast, bake, stage, sous vide, confit, high yield roast, hold and perform many other processes all within a small footprint. One that is affordable, reliable, requires no hood, and is easy to use at all skill levels. An oven that can reduce ticket times, food costs, labor costs, and maintenance costs. A piece that can be used for morning prep, the lunch rush, and staging for a busy dinner service, then continue to make you money overnight while you sleep.

If this is the type of equipment you are looking for, then the Winston CVap® Oven is a game-changer for your business. CVap equipment is hands down one of the most versatile items you can place in your kitchen. It is a piece of kitchen equipment that can save and make money at the same time, all inside a small footprint. Chances are the restaurant down the street turning 100 tables on a Tuesday night has already discovered it.

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Betti Wiggins – Detroit Public Schools CVap® Testimonial

Betti Wiggins of Detroit Public Schools loves CVap's versatility

Betti Wiggins - Detroit Public Schools -CVap Versatility Testimonial

Betti Wiggins from Detroit Public Schools in Detroit, Michigan discusses the benefits and versatility of CVap ovens. Her district is replacing their steamers with CVap ovens because they can steam, cook moist, cook dry, and hold, all in the same unit. She thinks it’s a great solution for schools lacking in space or infrastructure.