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Decreased Labor

CVap® equipment in your kitchen means reduced needs for labor. Food held in CVap equipment maintains just-cooked freshness, temperature, and texture for extended time periods. This helps you to do more with fewer hands. Prepare ahead of the rush, and keep serving through peak periods, delivering a one-two punch to labor and food costs. It’s fresh food, without sacrifice.

In these times of reduced labor availability, CVap equipment can actually take the place of personnel in your kitchen. By staging ahead, stress is reduced on the cook line. Ticket times on many food products can be reduced to just a few minutes. Pull from the CVap, finish on the grill, and out it goes to the table. You’ll need fewer folks on the line with CVap in your kitchen.


  • Automatic hold means no babysitting the oven.
  • Staging reduces ticket times. Turn more tables without increasing staff.
  • Overnight cooking works, even when you don’t.
  • Timer preheat means units are ready to work as soon as your staff clocks in.
  • Sous vide cooking, with or without bags. No time wasted handling bags.
CVap reduces labor needs in the kitchen