Stage and Fry Chicken

CVap® ovens are well known for their ability to stage. In case you’re not familiar, staging involves cooking foods to a temperature that’s at (or just below) their ideal doneness temperature. Winston CVap ovens excel at staging. CVap technology allows the user to precisely control food temperature, so food doesn’t continue to cook (or overcook) …

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staged wings

Staged Wings in CVap Oven

Staged wings cook perfectly and juicy in less than eight minutes. Chicken wings in CVap® save time and labor, and taste great. Cooked and held in a CVap oven, they can be fried quickly for prompt service. View all Videos Subscribe to our YouTube channel for informative CVap videos and more. Find more staged wings …

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sous vide cvap

CVap Staging is Sous Vide Re-Engineered

The Precision of Sous Vide Without the Bags! Find out how staging can give you the same results as sous vide, without the hassle! Sous vide cooking is great, but it has its drawbacks. Watch the video to get a detailed explanation of sous vide and CVap. Subtitled Videos English Spanish (Español)S View All Videos

scallops staged in CVap a consistently perfect

CVap® Staged Scallops

Staged Scallops These staged scallops are consistently out of this world! CVap ovens let you hold scallops, without overcooking, until an order comes in. A quick two minutes in a pan to finish them, and they’re ready for the table! If CVap can cook a delicate food like scallops to perfection every time, imagine what …

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