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CVap® RTV5-14UV Retherm Oven

CVap® RTV5-14UV Retherm Oven

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Category: Retherm Oven
Size: 73.2″ x 34.2″ x 27.7″
Capacity: 14 Sheet Pans
28 Half Sheet Pans
28 Hotel Pans
Ship Weight: 420 Lbs/190 Kg
NEMA 15-50P (3 Phase/208V)
15-50P (3 Phase/240V)


Product Description

The CVap® RTV5-14UV Retherm Oven is a great alternative to traditional combi ovens, without breaking the bank with high repairs or maintenance costs. CVap® Stage, sous vide, bake, braise, roast, poach, low-temp steam, and more with this great commercial oven.

This full-size model comes equipped with C-Touch Controls, USB HACCP Data Download, Auto Water Fill, and Convection Fan. With a capacity of 14 sheet pans, 28 half sheet pans or 28 hotel pans, this model is perfect for high volume operators. And no vent hood is required!

Product Overview

Looking for the functionality of a combi-oven without the expense and frequency of maintenance? You’ve found it in the CVap® Retherm Oven! Whether you’re cooking from
scratch or by batch, you can quickly heat or bake a variety of foods to feed any size crowd. You can also conveniently switch to a hold mode if needed, rather than transferring foods to a separate holding cabinet.

CVap® (pronounced See-Vap) refers to Controlled Vapor Technology, the engine that drives CVap® equipment and makes it so different. Other holding cabinets and ovens are designed to heat air; CVap® equipment is designed to heat food. Food contains water, and behaves like water when heated. CVap® technology is based on that principle, so only CVap® equipment enables control of both food temperature and texture. When the water in the ovens’s evaporator is heated to a desired temperature, it “drives” the food’s temperature until it reaches that exact set point and keeps it there without drying out, overcooking, or significant loss of yield.

Get a quick, quirky look at the basics of CVap® technology here.

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