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CVap® RTV5-14UV Retherm Oven

Category: Retherm Oven
Size: 73.2″ x 34.2″ x 27.7″
Capacity: 14 Sheet Pans
28 Half Sheet Pans
28 Hotel Pans
Ship Weight: 420 Lbs/190 Kg
NEMA 15-50P (3 Phase/208V)
15-50P (3 Phase/240V)

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Product Description

The CVap® RTV5-14UV Retherm Oven is a powerful beast – one of the most powerful ovens we build. Its versatility rivals combi ovens, but its price tag doesn’t. CVap Retherm Ovens don’t have the budget-busting repairs or costly maintenance that come with combis.

CVap Retherm Ovens are perfect for retherming frozen food. But they’re equally great scratch cooking, slacked products, veggies, starches, proteins – just about anything.

This full-size model comes equipped with C-Touch Controls, USB HACCP Data Download, Convection Fan, and Auto Water Fill. With a capacity of 14 sheet pans, 28 half sheet pans or 28 hotel pans, this model is perfect for schools, cafeterias, and other high-volume operations. It’s easy to use, and automatically switches to hold mode once the retherm cycle has completed. And no vent hood is required!

Winston offers many different configurations. Check out our full line of retherm ovens to find the model that best suits your needs. CVap Retherm Ovens can help you improve food quality, maintain food temperature, decrease food costs, and reduce labor. Contact us to find out how.

What is CVap?

Simply put, CVap (or Controlled Vapor Technology) is a patented dual heat system that uses a combination of moist vapor heat and dry air heat to control food temperature and texture. CVap  Retherm Ovens are incredibly precise, and deliver reliable, repeatable results.

For a quick, quirky look at the science behind CVap technology, watch this video.

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