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CVap® RTV7-04UV Retherm Oven

CVap® RTV7-04UV Retherm Oven

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Category: Retherm Oven
Size: 35.7″ x 34.2″ x 27.7″
Capacity: 4 Sheet Pans
8 Half Sheet Pans
8 Hotel Pans
Ship Weight: 198 Lbs/90 Kg
NEMA 6-50P (1 Phase/208V)
15-30P (3 Phase/208V)
6-50P (1 Phase/240V)


Product Description

The CVap® RTV7-4UV Retherm Oven is a great alternative to traditional combi ovens, without the high cost of repairs and maintenance. CVap® Stage, sous vide, bake, braise, roast, poach, low-temp steam and more with this great commercial oven.

This half-size model comes with C-Touch Controls, CVap® Wireless Programming, USB HACCP Data Download, Cooking Probe, Switchable Convection (on/off fan), and Auto Water Fill. With a capacity of four sheet pans, eight half-sheet pans, or eight hotel pans, this model is perfect for operations where space is limited. And no vent hood is required!

Product Overview

The CVap® RTV is the fastest-cooking CVap® Oven currently available. Some call it a “Poor Man’s Combi.” We don’t want to BS you though… it isn’t a combi. Yep, it can cook with sous vide precision, or bake, or braise, or roast, or poach, or low-temp steam… AND it does other things a convection oven only dreams about. But, it isn’t going to roast 700 chickens in four minutes. It also isn’t going to make you refinance your house to buy one or pay for repairs.

Want to learn more about CVap® technology? Watch this quick, quirky video.

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