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CVap® CHV7-04HP Cook & Hold Oven

CVap® CHV7-04HP Cook & Hold Oven

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Category: Cook & Hold Oven
Size: 36.3″ x 26.4″ x 20″
Capacity: 4 Half Sheet Pans
4 Hotel Pans
Ship Weight: 160 Lbs/73 Kg
NEMA 6-20P (1 Phase/208V)
6-20P (1 Phase/240V)


Product Description

The CVap® CHV7-04HP Cook & Hold does more than traditional low and slow cooking, giving you more control and higher yields. CVap® Stage, bake, braise, poach, low-temp steam, and sous vide are a simple as the touch of a button.

This half-size under-counter model comes equipped with C-Touch Controls, CVap® Wireless Programming, USB HACCP Data Download, Cooking Probe, Switchable Convection (on/off fan) and Auto Water Fill. With a capacity of four half-sheet pans or four hotel pans, this model is perfect for operations with limited space, and no vent hood is required!

Product Overview

The CVap® CHV oven is essentially a Cook & Hold on steroids. It can do the traditional “low and slow” cooking…with more control and higher yields. It also has the versatility to bake, braise, poach or low-temp steam, and it can be used in sous vide mode for increased precision (with or without the bag).

Want to learn more about CVap® technology? Watch this quick, quirky video.

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