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Under Pressure

The Evolution of Chicken

Scientists say chickens, like all birds, are the descendants of dinosaurs. This evolution didn’t happen overnight. It took over 66 million years (and a darn big asteroid). It’s a good thing birds evolved to be smaller. Can you imagine a T rex-sized chicken? It may have taken eons for dinosaurs to evolve into birds, but it’s only take a few decades for chickens to be bred into something entirely different.

Fast forward to today. To say chickens have changed would be an understatement. Selective breeding and changes in feed and farming techniques have resulted in a chicken that reaches market weight almost twice as fast. But until recently, the fryers cooking them have remained the same. Most fryers were engineered to cook tough birds of the past.

Winston Foodservice discovered we could fry fantastic chicken using just a quarter of the pressure previously needed, meaning extended shortening life, lower operating costs, an improved safety.

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Pressure Frying 101

Why is pressure frying better for restaurants? Simple: operators can cook higher volumes faster, use less oil, and save on utility bills. And the fried food is juicier, more tender, and absorbs less fat. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about pressure frying by watching Pressure Frying 101

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