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CVap® Staging

What is CVap Staging?

With CVap staging, food is brought to the exact internal temperature desired and then held there – without overcooking or drying out. The food can then be held until it is time to finish and serve the dish. This means that the final, flavor-enhancing, and texturing touches can be made just moments before the food is served.

For example, bring pans of fresh or frozen burger patties to a uniform internal temperature of 135°F. CVap will maintain them until the kitchen receives an order. Then it takes just minutes to finish cooking to the customer’s order. Imagine how much faster you can push plates out of the kitchen!

The same can be done for everything from steaks to very lean meats like pork loin, where conventional equipment and cooking methods will cause everything to overcook and dry out.

Stay out of the weeds during every service with CVap Staging, and wow your customers by speedily serving deliciously cooked foods in record time!

Where Can Staging Benefit Your Operation

In the kitchen, CVap Staging will enable you to slash ticket times or cook ahead of the rush and maintain just-cooked quality to set up for a speedier, less stressful service. You’ll be able to explore menu flexibility in ways you may not have considered before.

In the front of the house, you’ll boost customer satisfaction with reliable consistency, outstanding food quality, and less waiting time. Your staff won’t be waiting on the kitchen for anything, and your patrons will be coming back for more!

Do you offer carryout or have a drive-through window? CVap® Staging maintains food beautifully until pickup, keeping it from getting cold, drying out, or overcooking – all things that can ruin a perfectly good dish.

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