Winston Foodservice received two amazing awards at the AKFCF Annual Convention in Austin, Texas. The Great Lakes KFC Franchisee Association and the Upper Midwest KFC Franchisee Association both awarded Winston the Vendor of the Year. Wow, what a treat! Two Vendor of the Year awards in a single year! The Winston team is thankful for the vendor awards, and your partnership!

The Great Lakes KFC Franchisee Association consists of KFC owners in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The Upper Midwest KFC Franchisee Association is comprised of owners in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

A Proud History of Partnership

Winston is proud to be your vendor! We have a long history with KFC and its franchisees. Our company got its start by designing Collectramatic Pressure Fryers for the Colonel himself. Later, the Colonel challenged us to design a holding cabinet that could meet his strict standards. Consequently, CVap technology originated with that challenge.

Winston’s products can be found in thousands of KFC locations throughout the world. After 50 years, KFC remains our largest customer. We are a proud KFC vendor, and proud to be named Vendor of the Year!

Angie holding vendor of the year awards
other vendor of the year award