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CVap® Recipe Training

The latest generation of CVap equipment deserves refreshed recipes to highlight its enhanced capabilities. These recipes provide clear examples of what CVap ovens can do.

This manual is intended for folks who may not be familiar with CVap technology. It can also serve as a refresher for those who need to brush up on their CVap skills.

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Sales Resources and Presentations

These presentations are designed for the user to organize slides prior to sharing externally. The slides may seem out of order, this is intentional.

CVap® Technology and Resources

CVap® Thermoisturization Chart Explained

Thermoistur-what? “Thermoisturization.” It’s a big word, but not hard to understand. Chef Sam gives us a quick basic explanation of the term the puts the power in CVap technology.

Retherm Ovens Do Not Require Vent Hoods

CVap® Retherm Ovens don’t have to be placed under a vent hood, and we’ve got the independent lab tests to prove it.

CVap® and School Food, A Great Combo

Looking to make the most of your school foodservice kitchen? See how CVap equipment can help save you money, labor, food, and headaches. Winston is a longtime advocate for student nutrition.

CVap® Probe Cooking

CVap® ovens are very precise. Add an optional cooking probe, and achieve an even greater level of precision. This video provides great info on the use of probes in CVap equipment.

CVap® Programmer Desktop Application

CVap® equipment is really easy to program. Series 7 and Series 5 RTV Retherm Ovens, CHV Cook & Hold Ovens, and HOV Holding Cabinets can be programmed on up to eight channels, via a desktop computer and thumb drive.

CVap® Factory Preset Upload

Need to reprogram your CVap® equipment back to its original factory presets? Watch this video for a simple, step by step instructions.

CVap® Firmware Update

It’s important to keep your CVap equipment firmware up to date. Watch to learn how to tell if your firmware is current, and the easy steps to update, if needed.

CVap® HACCP Data Download

CVap equipment makes documenting your HACCP plan compliance simple. This video shows how to download up to two years of HACCP data to a thumb drive.

CVap® Retherm Oven Preventive Maintenance

The basics of preventive maintenance to keep your RTV oven in top condition (and protect your warranty. Easy maintenance to perform daily, quarterly, and annually..

Precision Temperature Cooking

Foodservice Consultant Seminar: Revisiting CVap® (Controlled Vapor Technology) and how it stacks up vs. other cooking methods.

Sous Vide with CVap®

Learn how to Sous Vide using your CVap® like a pro using bagged or bag-less options. Free up your labor to do other things while CVap® does the rest.

Unique Uses for CVap® Ovens

Uncover unconventional things you can do with a CVap oven. We discuss baking, dehydrating, long-term cooks, and more.

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