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Shaun Tanner

President and CEO

In addition to being the President & CEO of Winston Industries, Shaun is…well, complex. He is a bit like the late Anthony Bourdain, as he’s a trained chef that has visited nearly 40 countries and will taste any food put in front of him. Asia is his favorite food hub, as he loves him some century eggs, fish head, and chicken feet. The list of foods that he won’t eat is short and quite odd; lamb, cheesecake, and sugar cookies. He also refuses to drink Baijiu (Chinese liquor), as he describe it tasting like “fermented snake ass,” but probably downs three Red Bulls every day. When he is not working, he is likely at home with his family, which consists of his wife, daughter, and a menagerie of animals, including parrots, dogs, and a guinea pig. When his family isn’t around, he will most likely be on the golf course or flying around in his lime-green ’66 Shelby Cobra replica. If Shaun could have one super power, he’d be a polyglot (someone who’s fluent in multiple languages).

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