Winston Foodservice Products Are Consistent Versatile Precise Unbeatable

Winston Foodservice products are found around the globe in modern commercial kitchens, cloud kitchens, ghost kitchens, and even your favorite local independent establishment.

Manufacturers of pressure fryers, commercial ovens, and hot holding cabinets, our products are widely used by franchises, renowned chefs, school districts, healthcare establishments, and hospitality market segments. If food production is your thing and you don’t want to sacrifice on quality and dependability you should keep reading. If you are not interested in reduced labor costs, more table turns, reduced ticket times, improved food quality and repeatable results then stop reading, we can’t force you to align your operation with the best equipment available.  

You kept reading so obviously you made the right decision. More than 40 years ago, Collectramatic® got its start as the fryer of choice for major fast-food chains and independently operated foodservice outlets. Today, the Collectramatic® fryer continues to be a workhorse in the kitchen, providing trouble-free performance with consistently delicious results, year after year.

CVap® (Controlled Vapor Technology), rewrites the rules of food quality. CVap® technology is available in Cook & Hold Ovens, Retherm Ovens, Holding Cabinets, and Hold & Serve Drawers. Whether you’re a cafeteria, a dining room, a drive-thru, a food truck, or in the back of the house, there’s a CVap® holding cabinet or commercial oven that’s perfect for your needs.​ Click on a category below to find out more.

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