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Staffing shortages are making things tough. CVap is your solution.

  • CVap reduces labor by allowing food prep ahead of rush periods. Food holds just-cooked fresh, for hours.
  • CVap ovens don’t need babysitting. Ovens automatically switch from cook to hold mode, keeping food hot and fresh, without overcooking.
  • Overnight cooking works even when your staff isn’t there. CVap ovens will automatically cook to perfection, then hold hot and fresh, without overcooking.
  • Staging in CVap ovens speeds up service tremendously. Cut the time and labor it takes to turn tables to a fraction of what it would ordinarily be.

CVap is the solution to your labor challenges.

Hold Longer

In a perfect world, every meal is cooked fresh to order. The reality is that food usually must be held before it’s served. Food held in CVap maintains just-cooked freshness, temperature, and texture for extended time periods. You can prepare well ahead of the rush, and keep serving through peak periods, reducing the staff required to deliver prompt, excellent service.

Save Labor

CVap Ovens feature an automatic hold. When the cook cycle is complete, the ovens transition to hold mode, maintaining food at the desired doneness level until you’re ready to serve it. It’s like an extra hand in the kitchen. Save labor – no more babysitting your oven.

Cook Overnight

Staffing shortages are an ongoing issue. Overnight cooking can help. Load up your CVap® oven with the products needed for the next day. The morning crew will arrive to find perfectly cooked food, holding precisely at the selected temperature and texture. CVap really is your extra hand in the kitchen.

Get Ahead of the Rush

Staging enables you to slash ticket times or cook ahead of the rush and maintain just-cooked quality. It enables a speedier, less stressful service and allows you to keep up with orders with fewer staff on hand.

About Winston

Winston has been at the pinnacle of cooking and holding technology for over five decades. Our products can be found in chain restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels…you name it. If good food is served, we’re probably in the kitchen. We have the expertise to advise you which CVap products will be best to achieve your goals. We’re not looking for a quick sale. We’re looking to be your partner going forward. Contact us to find out what Winston can do for you.

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CVap is the solution to your staffing issues.

CVap reduces the labor necessary to run an efficient kitchen.

Let us show you how.

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