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Having Trouble Keeping Up with the Competition?

CVap is your solution.

  • Your customers crave consistency. CVap is programmed to give you reliable, repeatable results. It makes perfection pushbutton simple.
  • CVap ovens help you bring out the best in your food. It’s a quality that your customers can taste…and remember.
  • CVaps are simple and efficient. They maintain food quality with minimal staff interaction. CVap enables you to provide top customer service with fewer folks on your staff.
  • Staging in CVap ovens speeds up service tremendously. You’ll get food to the table faster, without sacrificing quality.

CVap gives you an edge on the competition.


Your return customers usually have a favorite dish. They want it to be the same every time they visit. CVap allows you to deliver that consistency. Every. Time. CVap technology locks in the temperature and texture you want. So, your customers get what they want. Every time.

Amazing Flavor

CVap enhances food’s natural flavors. CVap technology uses a dual heat system of vapor and air heat. Because it cooks at lower temperature than conventional ovens, food retains more of its own natural moisture. It brings out the natural best in meats, vegetables, and more.

Easy to Use

CVaps are preprogrammed with the most common settings. Selecting the optimum channel is as simple as pushing a button. With the high turnover rate in many commercial kitchens, CVaps require little training, and minimal staff monitoring. They’re your extra hand in the kitchen.

Make that Bread

The more tables you turn, the more money you make. Staging in CVap speeds service up tremendously. Customers get great food, quickly. You get more customers per table. It’s the ultimate win-win.

About Winston

Winston has been at the pinnacle of cooking and holding technology for over five decades. Our products can be found in chain restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels…you name it. If good food is served, we’re probably in the kitchen. We have the expertise to advise you which CVap products will be best to achieve your goals. We’re not looking for a quick sale. We’re looking to be your partner going forward. Contact us to find out what Winston can do for you.

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CVap is the solution to keeping up with the competition.

CVap –  reliable, repeatable results.

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