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Are you having trouble getting and retaining customers?

CVap Holding Cabinets can help.

  • Your customers want consistency. CVap holding cabinets are programmed to give you reliable, repeatable results. CVap makes perfection pushbutton simple.
  • You make great food. CVap holding cabinets protect your food’s quality for extended periods. Every meal served is just cooked fresh.
  • CVap cabinets are simple and efficient. They require minimal training for your staff. Even the greenest newbie in the kitchen can operate them with ease.
  • CVap cabinets speed up service. Customers can receive their food the moment it’s ordered without sacrificing food quality.

CVap can help you get and retain customers.

Repeat Satisfaction

Every time a customer visits your operation it’s an opportunity to win them over. On the other hand, a poor experience may prompt the customer to never return. CVap holding cabinets help you get and keep customers by enabling you to serve hot, fresh food, even after hours of holding. Your customers can repeat their satisfying experience every time they visit you.

Control Temperature

You make great food – otherwise, you wouldn’t be in business. As soon as food comes off the line it starts to cool. Unless you’re serving it immediately, you need a warming cabinet that can maintain that just-cooked quality. CVap is that cabinet. It’s not a simple hot box for food. CVap’s dual heat system precisely controls food temperature and texture. Food stays reliably hot and fresh until you’re ready to serve it.

Ease Labor

It’s no secret that foodservice operations are struggling with labor. High turnover, perpetual understaffing, and increased stress in the kitchen are a constant challenge. CVap holding cabinets can ease labor struggles. CVap cabinets require little training. Settings can be locked so that they can’t accidentally be changed. And CVap’s extended hold takes a bit of time pressure off your staff. Food stays fresh until your crew has the time to serve it.

Speedy Service

The more tables you turn, the more money you make. Holding in CVap speeds service up tremendously. Customers get great food, quickly. You get more customers per table. It’s the ultimate win-win. These ain’t your father’s heat lamps. CVap makes sure your last customer’s food is just as fresh as your first.

About Winston

Winston has been at the pinnacle of cooking and holding technology for over five decades. Our products can be found in chain restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels…you name it. If good food is served, we’re probably in the kitchen. We have the expertise to advise you which CVap products will be best to achieve your goals. We’re not looking for a quick sale. We’re looking to be your partner going forward. Contact us to find out what Winston can do for you.

Who Uses Winston

CVap helps you get and keep customers.

Getting and keeping customers is a multi-faceted challenge. But food quality is top priority. CVap holding cabinets are unparalleled at maintaining food at peak quality.

Let us show you how.

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