Fred Jackson of Graja Inc loves Collectramatic Fryers

Collectramatic® Testimonial: Fred Jackson

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Fred Jackson Fred Jackson of Graja Inc. in Washington loves Collectramatic Fryers and their longevity. He especially likes that almost every part of the fryer can be replaced, making them just about indestructible. View all Videos

Robby Arnold appreciates Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers Testimonial: Robby Arnold

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Robby Arnold Robby Arnold of BBG North in New York is a foodservice veteran. He’s a fan of our Collectramatic Fryers. Chicken cooked in our fryers is consistently high-quality. His servicers love how easy Collectramatic fryers are to work on. View all Videos

Dana Pennell is a fan of Collectramatic fryers

Collectramatic® Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell

Collectramatic Fryers Testimonial: Dana Pennell Dana Pennell of Dana Enterprises in Ohio decided to switch to Collectramatic Fryers after looking at the high costs of parts and labor for other fryers. Check out his testimonial! View all Videos

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