Stage Hamburgers in CVap

staging in cvap

We receive many inquiries about how to use CVap® Cook and Hold Ovens to stage great hamburgers, and we have been testing several methods for preparing great burgers. Below you’ll find our recommended procedures to stage hamburgers.

Advance Staging or Holding


  1. Preset CVap oven to 135°F food temperature and + 0 texture setting (legacy CVap)/135°F Vapor Temp/135°F Air Temp (new CVap). Allow about 30 minutes for pre-heat.
  2. Set timer to one hour.
  3. Place hamburgers on a parchment-lined sheet tray.
  4. Season with salt and pepper (optional).
  5. Allow burgers to reach a minimum endpoint of 130°F. This will take about an hour. If allowed to stay in this environment for 121 minutes, the burgers will then meet the FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Services) standard for the elimination of Salmonella and E. coli.
  6. Hold burgers until time to grill, or finish right before serving. You can continue to hold until ready to serve.
stage hamburgers
staged hamburgers

Stage Hamburgers, Gain Benefits

You gain many benefits by preparing a burger this way: increased burger size, increased juiciness, assured safety without overcooking, reduced service time to the consumer, and enhanced finish flavor due to shortened time period between finishing and serving.

Higher yield equals juicier burgers! Keep checking back, we will post more of our burger data soon. In the meantime, how about telling us your favorite method for cooking your burgers?

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CVap® Burger Masters

StarBurger uses CVap Staging to serve fast

Here at Winston, we’ve had the privilege of working with some true “Burger Masters.” These folks use CVap® ovens to produce burgers that their customers crave. Ultimately, they showcase the versatility of CVap equipment.

Burgers are America’s favorite sandwich. The average American eats three burgers a week (for a national yearly consumption of 50 billion burgers). There are great blogs celebrating burgers, and their superior cousin, the cheeseburger. A Hamburger TodayBurger Beast, and Eat More Burgers are all fun reads.

These are the Burger Masters

Chef Paul Wahlberg (one of the stars of the A&E show Wahlburgers) takes full advantage of CVap’s staging abilities. Consequently, his kitchens can crank out an eight-ounce burger in about four minutes, using CVap to stage. As he said, “…the precision, and the consistency of the equipment is always perfect.”

Thomas Salamunovich, a CVap pioneer, first recognized the value of serving a gourmet hamburger at his fine-dining Larkspur restaurant in Vail, Colorado. As a result, he turned his single menu item into a concept called Larkburger.

burger masters

Chef John Tesar chose to share his method for a perfect burger with thousands of YouTube viewers. You can check him out here.

Adam Fleischman in LA has taken burgers to a different dimension, literally. He uses CVap in his concept Umami Burger, which emphasizes umami (the fifth taste) to make better burgers.

Tony Maws, Chef/Owner of Craigie on Main in Boston, cooks his Bar Burger at low heat in our CVap oven. Later, he follows with a quick char on the plancha. Check him out here:

Certainly, there are many more Burger Masters out there using CVap to create the perfect burger. Let us know about it. We will highlight your recipe and restaurant!