CVap® Commercial Cooking and Oven Systems

CVap (Controlled Vapor Technology)

The Commercial Cooking is the ultimate oven for any commercial kitchen. CVap which stands for Controlled Vapor Technology, rewrites the rules of food quality. What makes CVap different? Water Vapor!

All kitchen holding equipment uses hot air to affect food. Some equipment even uses “humidity” to indirectly attempt to improve the food holding environment. Though this does work, it is an old method for keeping food warm and it impacts the food’s moisture and texture.

Cooking and Holding the Right Way

Only CVap Cooking and Holding Ovens use heated water vapor to directly control food temperature. Pair that with heated air to directly control food texture and you have an unbeatable combo. Fried chicken stays crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Cook your large proteins to the perfect doneness and hold them for hours without losing quality. 

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Cooking Processes

What can you do in a CVap oven? The options are nearly limitless. You can try overnight cooking when you need an extra hand in the kitchen. Try using it in place of a steamer. You can Proof and Bake your bread right in the same unit. Take advantage of the Sous Vide setting. You can utilize this process with or without those pesky plastic bags. 
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CVap Commercial Cooking Equipment

CVap technology is also available in retherm ovens, holding cabinets, and holding drawers. Whether you are in a cafeteria, a dining room, a drive-thru, ghost or cloud kitchen in the back-of-the-house…there is a CVap oven that’s perfect for your needs.

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