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CVap® HOV7-04HP Holding Cabinets

Category: Holding Cabinet
Size: 36.38″ x 26.45″ x 20″
Capacity: 4 Half Sheet Pans (2×10)
4 Hotel Pans (2×10)
Ship Weight: 160 Lbs/73 Kg
NEMA 5-20P (1 Phase/240V)

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Product Description

The CVap® HOV7-04HP Holding Cabinet isn’t your standard humidified holding cabinet. With CVap® Holding Cabinets, you get unparalleled control over food temperature and texture.

This half-size model comes equipped with C-Touch Controls, CVap® Wireless Programming, USB HACCP Data Download, and Switchable Convection. With a capacity of four half-sheet pans or four hotel pans, this model is perfect for operations with limited space, and no vent hood is required!

Product Overview

Veggies, rice, fried foods, juicy roasts, burgers, breads – no matter what you need to hold, CVap® maintains just-cooked freshness for extended periods of time. Whether you want to cook ahead of or keep foods hot through the rush, crisp foods stay crisp and moist foods stay moist.

Want to learn more about CVap® technology? Watch this quick, quirky video.

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