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Ryan Fertig

History with Winston

Ryan might be the tallest person working at Winston right now at 6’7”. But don’t let that fool you, he still can’t jump.

A father of two young girls, Hadley and Mila, and husband to Cassie, he stays busy. If he’s not watching his beloved Kentucky Wildcats, attending cheerleading competitions, basketball games, swim meets, coaching soccer games, he’s spending his spare time at the lake fishing, swimming at the neighborhood pool, or playing golf with his colleagues. Oh yeah, he also enjoys the elaborate home project to stay active.

He’s always had an affinity for beautiful machinery. His first word was “car” after all. Ryan tells us his mother placed his crib in front of the window and since then he’s been a car enthusiast. Recently picking up a new Tesla, he’s now officially sold on being fast, but also minimizing his carbon footprint.

Ryan joined Winston in 2019 with a lengthy background in marketing working for manufacturers and a 12-year stint in the ad agency world.