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The Truth is in the ROI Numbers – CVap Pays for Itself

Capital expenditures are a factor in kitchen math and a necessary part of doing business in commercial kitchens, franchises, and restaurants. But how often does a capital expense actually pay for itself? Winston’s CVap® ovens are competitively priced, and like any commercial oven, they’re a substantial investment. However, as our infographic explains below, the ROI (return on investment) on that expense can pay for itself many times over, in a surprisingly short time.

CVap ovens deliver higher yields, which translates to more servings per cut. Simply put, this lowers the average price per serving on a given cut. Multiplied by scale, this results in exponentially bigger profits. The ROI on CVap pays for itself in less than a year (based on the scenario below)! Check out the kitchen math infographic below to see how.

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