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COVID-19: The New Normal

The New Normal. It’s a phrase we’ve become all too familiar with. COVID-19 has turned business-as-usual on its ear. And New Normal is a shifting target. As scientists and researchers learn more about the disease, recommendations and government mandates have evolved to suit. Operations that will weather the storm are those that can adapt, and adapt fast.

Like everyone else, the Winston team is adapting too. But we’ve never diminished in our drive to help you thrive. Our products are uniquely suited to giving you the flexibility you need to adapt to The New Normal, whatever that happens to be.

Grab and Go

Contactless food products are at the forefront of Grab and Go. Prepacked foods, single-serve items, and wrapped items for boxed meals are must-haves. CVap technology’s vapor heat cooks food inside its packaging. Available in ovens and holding cabinets, CVap is versatile enough to handle an operation’s menu. Your customers can grab and go food that’s hot and fresh!

Carry Out

Because of local government mandates, many operations have had to pivot to carry out-only in order to keep functioning. CVap equipment ensures that orders are just-cooked fresh, even if the customer isn’t there when their order is ready. You’ll know that the food they carry out is as fresh as if you’d served it at your table.

Drive Thru

CVap technology was originally developed in the 1980s, as a way to help restaurants with their cutting edge (at the time) drive-thru windows. As the decades have passed, CVap technology has evolved to keep up. But at its core, CVap is still the technological trailblazer that it always was. Simply put, no foodservice technology is as effective at keeping food just-cooked fresh until it’s served out your window.

Social Distancing

Over and over we hear it from the medical experts, we’ve got to social distance. At least six feet apart to defeat the virus. Our CVap equipment is a great solution to moving your operation to where it’s needed. Heavy-duty casters make it easy to move. Because CVap equipment doesn’t require a vent hood or permanent drain plumbing, they can be rolled to where they are needed. Roll a holding cabinet right into the classroom. Shift your ovens to a satellite facility. Y’all keep your distance, we’ll help you do it.

Mobile Feeding

Our CVap equipment has a nomad’s heart. They don’t have to be parked under vent hoods. They don’t have to be plumbed to drains. They come stock with casters, but you can add a transport kit to make them even more mobile. Need to shift to a satellite operation or a commissary? CVap helps you roll on.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens require maximum productivity in a minimal space. CVap ovens pack a lot of capacity in a small footprint. Serving sous vide? There’s just no comparison. A single CVap oven does the work of a countertop full of circulators. Whatever space you have, there’s a CVap oven or cabinet that is perfect for it, and perfect for your needs.


At a time when keeping one another safe is paramount, CVap equipment makes food safety a lot easier to achieve. CVap technology is unique in its ability to directly control food temperature. FDA guidelines are integral to its programming. You’ll know that food served from a CVap oven or cabinet has stayed at a safe temperature. With Series 7 and Series 5 models, you can record up to two years of data, making HACCP plan compliance simple to achieve and document.

Individually Wrapped Items

CVap equipment’s primary heat source is heated water vapor, one of the most efficient thermal transfer mediums there is. In plain English, this means that you can cook packed foods inside their packaging. Go from freezer to oven to serving without ever touching the food itself. Simply load up the oven and go. It’s a great solution to these very unusual times.

Overnight Cooking

Labor is a big uncertainty right now. Self-isolation and quarantine are a necessary part of getting past this challenge. But the reality is, you may need to keep operations going with folks absent. A great tool for this challenge is overnight cooking. Load up your CVap ovens with the foods needed for the next day. The morning crew will clock in to find perfectly-cooked food, holding precisely at the selected temperature and texture. CVap really is your extra hand in the kitchen.


Many locales have made the prospect of outdoor dining much more attractive, for both operators and patrons. Social distancing is easier to achieve. Air circulation is better than being inside a building. CVap equipment gives you the flexibility to move your kitchen to where you need it. No, it’s not waterproof. But it is easy to move, and doesn’t require vent hoods or permanent plumbing. So your can shift your equipment closer to where your patrons are.

Reliable Performance

At Winston, we build our products to last in the real world. We realize they are a big investment, so we make ’em tough. Every piece is quality tested before it leaves our factory. If our products under-perform, we know you’re not likely to purchase us again. We build our machines to exceed your expectations, so we can form a partnership that lasts a lifetime.

Made In America

Every Winston product is produced at our factory in Louisville, Kentucky. They are designed, engineered, built, and tested by our dedicated team. And to the best of our ability, the materials we use to construct our products are domestically sourced. We even manufacture our own wiring harnesses and PCB control boards utilizing our Win2uit Electronics division. You’ll find Winston products in virtually every country on the planet, but they only come from the heart of the Bluegrass state.

Winston’s Own Measures

Winston takes the safety of our customers and our team seriously. Our folks who can work remotely have been doing so since the start of the pandemic. Our factory continues to operate as much as possible, following local government and statewide mandates. We’ve also adhered to CDC guidelines and taken every precautionary measure to ensure business continuity. This includes: stringent cleaning procedures, protocols, and physical barriers to keep our team as safe as possible in our facilities. Mask usage is mandatory and temperature scans are required before entering our spaces. Every product is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it leaves our loading dock. We will all get through this, together.