Prepare the perfect porchetta in CVap with the Overnight Cooking setting.

Inserra Shop Rite Supermarkets, one of our valued customers, uses CVap Cook and Hold Ovens in three of their locations. Executive Chef Paulie Velletutti takes full advantage of their CVap Cook and Hold Oven stacked pair. He produces a variety of dishes for their prepared foods section. Likewise, he also roasts deli meats in the CVap, increasing yield and maximizing profits. After all, who doesn’t want versatility and extra profit?

A great example of Chef Velletutti’s creativity is an amazing porchetta using two bellies and a pork loin to make a succulent porchetta that flies off the shelves. Critically, most of the work is done overnight! This recipe comes from their Wallington, New Jersey store.

First, prepare your porchetta as normal with your favorite herb or spice rub. Tie it up and place in the CVap Cook and Hold Oven. Next, set the oven to vapor 144°F/air  154°F, cook time 15 hours. Finally, walk away and let the CVap do its thing.

wrapping porchetta
porchetta in the oven
cooked porchetta

Perfectly Cooked Porchetta

The next morning the porchetta will be perfectly cooked. A nice texture and a beautiful browning are achieved by finishing in a convection oven at 475°F degrees for 12 minutes. Lastly, blast chill it and slice it up.

These portions have been a hit with customers. For that reason Inserra includes this porchetta as a regular item in the rotation of the prepared foods case.

Perfect Porchetta