In a normal (non-pandemic) year our industry gears up for school show season. Naturally, we travel from state to state, participating in each state association’s school nutrition conference. Indeed, it involves catching up with industry peers, mingling with customers, and trying to drum up business. But we find that state shows often focus more on food than hardware. Of course, it’s understandable. Food is the largest expenditure for school nutrition operations.

The Georgia Equipment Academy

However, the Georgia Equipment Academy is different. It’s a three-day biannual conference. Notably, it focuses solely on equipment and technology.

Each conference is broken up into categories. Subsequently, presenters conduct five 30-minute sessions over the course of the academy. Twenty or so decision-makers attend each session. Naturally,  we educate about our equipment and perform live demonstrations. Dealers, reps, manufacturers, and the Georgia School Nutrition Association work hand-in-hand to make the conference a unique experience. Honestly, it is one of our best shows. In fact, it provides directors a distraction-free opportunity to learn about technology that can advance their programs.

Winston Foodservice is proud to participate in the Georgia Equipment Academy. Most recently, we debuted our CVap RTV Retherm Oven in the Hoodless Cooking category. Our partners at The Hansen Group continue to support this incredible show. We hope you have the opportunity to participate!

Retherm Oven at the Georgia Equipment Academy