No matter what model Collectramatic® Fryer you use, you’ll find the baskets for it here. 

Collectramatic pressure fryer with chicken
clamshell basket 4hd

Clamshell Basket - 4 Head

This five-shelf basket is perfect for cooking golden fried chicken.
Fits models OF49C and LP46.

ps1163 6hd clamshell basket

Clamshell Basket - 6 Head

Seven shelves give this basket the capacity to cook up to six heads of chicken at a time.
Fits models OF59C and LP56.

Basket Frame qtr rack 4 head ps2836

Basket Frame - Quarter Rack - 4 Head

The basket frame is designed to work with the quarter rack system. Holds up to four heads of chicken at a time.
Fits models OF49C and LP46.

ps2845 basket frame qtr rack 6 head

Basket Frame - Quarter Rack - 6 Head

This six head basket is designed for the quarter rack system. Holds up to six heads of chicken at a time.
Fits models OF59C and LP56.

25-pk quarter rack shelves ps2837-25

Wire Shelves - Stainless Steel - 25 Pack

Wire shelves are designed for Winston's quarter rack shelving system. Pack includes 25 shelves. Fit's all quarter rack frames.

ps2838 4hd quarter rack complete set

Basket Set - Quarter Rack - 4 head

Includes the complete set of basket frame and shelves for a 4 head fryer.
Fits models OF49C and LP56.

Basket Set - Quarter Rack - 6 head

Designed for the quarter rack system, this includes the basket frame, six shelves, and handle.
Fits models OF59 and LP56.

ps1060 chicken liver basket

Chicken Liver Basket

This close-mesh basket, with handle, is perfect for frying up a load of chicken livers.

ps1290 open basket

Open Basket

Great for cooking tots and wedges, this basket fits all Collectramatic models.

PS1453 shoestring basket open

Shoestring Basket

The stainless steel shoestring basket helps you fry up perfect shoestring french fries every time. Designed for open fryers.
Fits models OF49C and OF59C.

ps2470 fillet basket 6 head

Fillet Basket - 6 Head

The five shelf fillet basket is designed to cook fillets evenly, while preventing them from floatin around in the basket. Perfect results every time..
Fits models OF59C and LP56.

ps2473 turkey basket

Turkey Basket

The clamshell-design two shelf turkey basket can hold two whole birds at a time. Perfect for cooking deep fried turkey.