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Give Caterers an Advantage with CVap®

Caterers, like others in the hospitality industry, face their share of challenges. Amongthem are assuring food safety, maintaining food quality, and providing fastservice. Critically, falling short in any of these areas can damage your reputation and threatenyour business. Winston’s CVap® equipment can provide solutions Maintaining Safe Food Temperatures According to the CDC, one of the top causes of […]

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standardize your menu

4 Reasons to Standardize Your Menu

Standardizing menus for businesses with multiple locations will save time and hassle in the long run. Typically, a research kitchen will develop a standardized menu for an organization. These menus will set the standard for brand consistency between stores. When operations follow this menu correctly, they enhance efficiencies in multi-store operations. Four Key Ways Standardization

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events grapefruit dehydrating in CVap

Dehydrating in CVap

No, That’s Not an Oxymoron If you’re familiar with CVap®, you probably think of it as a “wet” cooking device. After all, the power behind it is derived from heated water vapor. However, it’s also great for dry processes, like dehydrating. Typically, even without water, CVap ovens hold temperatures steady. Dehydrating calls for relatively low

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